i don't care about you enough to judge you

what use use to build it is what you need to break it

so it begins

so on key right now

Parlay tonight in silver lake at a secret location near the reservoir

Anonymous said: Where do you develop your film?

i’ve developed it by hand at the armory center for the arts, that was back then though. now i just get it developed at where ever the fuck or i just use digital

going to santa barbara for valentines day

my office manager caught me looking at a picture of my friend clay naked so i told him it was smut and stared at him until he walked away

honestly man fuck this after work im getting some forties and im going to drink them in a garage and yell at my friends

damn im in the mood to go down on someone

just gotta bite the bullet

half the people i hang out with might be transgendered 

torture mothafucka torture nigga what